As the account owner you can do the following.

  • Add and remove drivers to and from courses you've purchased
  • View driver profiles
  • Edit driver profiles
  • Add and remove managers
  • Manage payment details
  • View invoices
  • Generate reports
  • Renew drivers
  • Purchase more drivers
  • Add a logo
  • Set email reminders for drivers that haven't accepted an invitation
  • Set up groups to help segment and manage drivers
  • Set up which modules are available to which groups (Fleet Driver Plan only)
  • View analytics
  • Restrict drivers from deleting their own test results
  • Give permissions to managers to invite and delete drivers
  • Generate certificates and validations for courses

An account owner can invite themselves to any course, in which case they become a Driver, too.

Simply go to the Drivers and courses page and invite your own email as a driver.