If you purchased one course licence to use for yourself, please click here. If you purchased multiple course licences, you can do the following.

  1. Add drivers via email, using a username and password if they don't have an email, or bulk uploading them using a spreadsheet (this is how you assign a course licence to yourself or other drivers)
  2. Purchase more course licences - if you need to enrol more drivers, purchase more course licences
  3. View driver progress within courses - includes the dates and times they took modules, which questions they got wrong and how many times they took each module
  4. Edit driver groups - change groups deliberately or change the automatically using group sequencing
  5. Add and remove managers - you can have as many managers as you like at no extra charge
  6. Manage payment details - change credit card details if you paid by credit card
  7. View invoices - generate PDFs
  8. Generate reports - download every last piece of your drivers' data as a CSV file for Excel
  9. View the dashboard
  10. Download every driver's current status
  11. Renew drivers - if a course licence is expiring, you can renew it
  12. Add a logo - it appears in the interface
  13. Set email reminders for drivers that haven't accepted an invitation - they'll get one 14 days after receiving the invitation
  14. Set up groups to help segment and manage drivers - helps you to manage large numbers of drivers
  15. Set up which modules are available to which groups - hide modules that aren't relevant
  16. View analytics - additional analysis and information
  17. Restrict drivers from deleting their own test results
  18. Give permissions to managers to invite and delete drivers or add and change groups - give more control to a manager to manage their own drivers and the overall setup
  19. View an activity log related to your account
  20. Generate certificates and validations (operator's certificates) for courses

An account owner can invite themselves to any course, i.e. enrol themselves, in which case they become a Driver, too.

Simply go to the Drivers and courses page and invite your own email as a driver or check the box at the bottom of the invitation screen. This uses one course licence.

Keywords: add myself to a course