Important things to know before you use the bulk upload

If you make a mistake with an email address or username it will use one course licence but you can undo it by logging in and deleting the driver in question before they start. This will add the course licence back for you.

You can bulk upload drivers using the CSV template. We recommend loading only 100 at a time to avoid it timing out, i.e. break a large spreadsheet into several smaller ones with 100 drivers in each one. 

Download the template here. There is some sample data which you can delete, but don't delete the header row with the column names.

Bulk upload page

Click on Add drivers using a spreadsheet on the Manage drivers and courses page in the Course and driver options menu.

Then you will see the course selector. Choose the course, choose the file, then click Upload.

Email addresses

Drivers aren't required to have a unique email, they can have a username instead.

Note that once you have uploaded a driver without an email, they cannot add an email to the account, other than the backup email.


Use only letters, numbers and full stops. Don't use any other characters. It won't work with commas, hyphens, etc (double-barreled names may not work).

Instructions for filling out the CSV template

This shows an example of a variety of scenarios.

The first 3 drivers have no email address of their own. They belong to the group 'Wellington'.

Drivers 5-9 are a mixture of staff and contractors with their own email addresses and belong to various groups. Pam belongs to both Sydney and Sales. They don't need a username because they have a unique email.

Driver 10, Glenys, also has a unique email address, but there's nothing to stop you adding a username, too - it's up to you. The username can be the same as the email.

CSV rules

  • If a driver doesn't have a company email and you don't want to use their private email, they don't need to have an email address
  • Usernames must be unique in the system, so we recommend you append your company name or some modifier to the username just in case someone has used it already, e.g. john.yourco, or yourco001, yourco002, etc. It is case-sensitive, i.e. Yourco, is different to yourco. Usernames cannot have spaces or special characters.
  • If you are uploading drivers without usernames, the emails MUST be unique. Two different drivers can't have the same email address.
  • If you are uploading drivers with usernames, an email address is optional (but we recommend it).
  • Password is mandatory and must be more than 5 characters. They don't have to be unique.
  • Groups must exactly match the capitalisation and spelling of the groups you want to add them too. E.g. if you want to add them to Auckland and Sales then you will write Auckland, Sales in the field. If you're not using groups, you must enter Default Group.

Access to modules and courses will be decided by the groups that you assign the drivers to. 

Notifying drivers that don't have email addresses

If you don't have individual email addresses for your drivers they won't receive reminders or a confirmation email about their account. They won't be able to reset their password or retrieve a forgotten password; you will have to manage this for them by logging in and editing the profile.

If you do add an email into the email field, those drivers will receive a confirmation email with their account details.

Errors with importing

Errors will be given with a row number, e.g. 

Drivers in the following rows in your spreadsheet already exist either in your company or with a private account: 3,4

In this case, '3,4' refers to the third and fourth record in the spreadsheet, which will be row 4 and 5.

You will get these errors if you try to upload too many drivers, upload a driver who already exists, or don't include enough information.

If there are any errors in the file, no drivers will be imported and you will receive a warning at the top of the screen telling you how to fix the spreadsheet.

UTF-8 charset error

This error is given if your spreadsheet contains a non-UTF-8 character. Most commonly, this is a curly apostrophe rather than a straight apostrophe, as you can see in this version of the name O'Neill.

Bulk uploading managers

Managers must have email addresses, so you can use the Invite managers feature. Find out how here.

The course is not available or the button is greyed out

If the button is grey or the course is not listed it means you have no spare course licences. Purchase one or more course licences and try again.