If you have a paid account with at least one course licence that you or another user is taking, you can have an unlimited amount of managers; inviting a manager does not deduct a course licence (unless you also invite them to the course). In some cases you will need a manager to validate a course like the Forklift Operator's Certificate.

Company account holders: Click through to the Managers section from the Manage menu option.

If you want your existing managers to be able to invite and/or delete other managers, scroll down to the Manager Permissions section below.

Existing manager: if you don't see the Managers option or the Manage menu option, as above, then inviting or deleting managers is not a permission you have. Please ask the main company account holder to update permissions.

Individuals (owner driver accounts): Click on Share your profile in the top menu.

You should then see if you have any managers already, and the options to invite or manage them.

Click on the Invite managers button and then add emails to the form. Choose the groups you would like them to be able to manage, then click Invite managers. Note: individual users (owner driver accounts) must use the Default group.

The Manager will receive an email invitation from you with a link for them to establish their account.

Managers can also be drivers in your organisation if you invite them as a driver, too. Check out the driver permissions page to find out what they can do.

Managing courses and drivers: Manager permissions

If you want your managers to be able to do various driver management tasks such as:

Invite drivers

  • Generate certificates
  • Generate course validations
  • View current invitations
  • Etc

make sure to go to Profile > Account and turn on Manager can invite drivers.

If you invite a manager they will be able to see any drivers who have taken courses in groups they manage and they will be able to validate the course.

Assigning managers to groups

If you need to change a manager's groups, go to Manage Managers (Manage > Managers > Invite Managers). Click Edit and then change the groups.

Every time you add a new group, you will need to edit every manager that needs to see that group

Then click Save.