You must be the account holder; Managers cannot access this functionality. This is only relevant if you have the Fleet Driver Plan.

If you're looking for suggestions for what modules to include in the Fleet Driver Plan, see this article for how do make advanced combinations and this article for sample sets of modules.

Go to Drivers and courses, then click on Modules available.

You'll see a field to select which groups you want to edit. You can edit multiple groups at the same time but if you load the settings from multiple groups the page will show the settings from the first group selected.

Choose the modules you want to appear for the selected group. You can choose the whole section or just individual modules.

Once you have selected or deselected your desired modules, click Save.

When we load new modules, they will automatically become available (unless they are paid modules), but you will need to select them for any of your groups.

Deselecting car, motorbike, heavy vehicle or tourist disables the whole section.

Why are my drivers seeing groups I've disabled?

If you have a driver that belongs to more than one group they will see the aggregate of the modules available to all groups. You might have turned some modules off in one group, but if they are available in the other group, the driver will see them.