The dashboard surfaces metrics that show you the performance and health of your account at a glance.

If you have multiple courses or groups, you can filter the view

Reports available

This is the first version of the dashboard. More reports are planned. Please let us know if there are any specific metrics you need to measure.

  1. Top performing drivers: Lists all drivers who completed the majority of their modules in two attempts or fewer
  2. Drivers that haven't started a course: These drivers have accepted their email invitation or have been added using the form or by spreadsheet, but they have not started a module yet. You could chase them up to find out why
  3. Drivers with incomplete courses: These drivers have not completed their assigned modules yet. This list is generated dynamically, so if you are using group sequencing (or have manually changed someone's group) and that has opened up more modules to them, they will appear in this list whereas previously they might have finished all modules available to them
  4. Drivers awaiting course validations: if your driver needs to have a practical test and a course validation (e.g. for the forklift operator's certificate), this will show here
  5. Drivers without a profile name: if your driver hasn't entered their name, the certificate won't print. You can edit it by searching them and clicking Edit.
  6. Unused course licences: this gives you the total which you can see for each individual course on the Manage drivers and courses page.
  7. Expiring course licences: lists the number of course licences expiring in the next 30 days. We plan to put an 'unfinished' flag next to users who haven't completed the course. In the meantime, you can cross-check against drivers with incomplete courses.