How is a course structured?

  • A course consists of a number of sections.
  • A section consists of a number of modules
  • A module consists of:
    • A pre-quiz page (optional and usually used to show a video)
    • Questions
    • A post-quiz page (optional and usually designed to remind the user to do something)

Who can take a course?

You simply need to purchase a licence to access a course. If you are a driver for a company then you can request access from the account holder who will then purchase the course and assign it to you.

How long will a course take?

The approximate length of the course is shown on the course page. This is an average length. It might take you more or less time depending on whether you get the modules correct first time or need more than one go.

How long can you access the course for?

Course access lengths vary. They're shown on the course page and typically will be between 3-12 months. In this time you have full access to take and retake all the modules.

What equipment do you need for the course?

You can take the course on a computer, tablet or smartphone but you may need additional materials or equipment to practice techniques. View the minimum requirement here.

Are there any other requirements for the course?

Some courses require you to be above a certain age, e.g. forklift operator's certificate minimum age is 15. These requirements will usually be explained on the course page.

Who are the courses supplied by?

We work with recognised and reputable industry experts to create courses. When you purchase a course, you will be able to contact the company if you have any queries. The company may offer practical sessions or other services related to the course.