Accessing the website

You must be connected to the internet or wi-fi (users of our Android and iPhone apps must have internet connectivity).

Modern internet software requires a fairly new browser to function because there are security requirements when we handle usernames, passwords and storing your quiz results. 

Browser recommendations

You will find some things won't work if you don't have a fairly modern browser. We recommend the following: 

  • Microsoft Edge (note: you are likely to experience issues using Internet Explorer)
  • Any version of Google Chrome from 2018 or later
  • Any version of Firefox from 2018 or later
  • Any version of Safari from 2018 or later


  • Version 4S or better running a version of Safari from 2017 or later, but better with Chrome
  • Version 2 iPad or better (version 1 iPads running Safari have a memory issue which will stall long modules; try Chrome instead and it should be fine)

Android phone/tablet:

  • Any version of Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox from 2017 or later running Android 5.0 or later

You should always use the latest available operating system for your machine. 


Cookies must be enabled otherwise we can't store your scores or keep you logged in.

Video content

Videos are hosted with (make sure your IT provider isn't blocking either or and you will need to be able to listen to audio. You can use the Road Code tests without requiring video.