If you add your company logo, it will appear:

  • in the Your Skills and Reports sections for your drivers and managers (if a manager manages multiple companies, this is a good way of ensuring they know which one they are managing at any one time)
  • in the email invitation for drivers and managers
  • above the password selection window when drivers accept their invitation

Go to the Details tab within Profile.

Browse for your company logo - this must be a jpg, gif or png file of no more than 400x70px.

Then click Save.

You will receive a notification and the logo will now appear in the centre above the interface

Referrer logo

If you have been referred to DT Driver Training by another company you may also see their logo to the right of your logo, but much smaller. 

Turning off the referrer logo for drivers

The referrer logo will be visible to the account owner at all times, but the account owner can choose to turn it off for drivers in the Account page.