These are the steps you should take to set your operators up with their forklift course. Click on the links for more detail (they'll open in a new window)

  1. Enter your name and company name in Profile
  2. If you have more than one location, or you want to divide your operators into groups, set up one or more Groups
  3. If you want another person to manage one or more Groups, invite Managers
  4. If you want your Managers to be able to add/delete drivers, rather than just view reports, enable this in Account
  5. If you don't use attachments, you can disable the attachments module (this saves around 8 minutes off the course time). We also recommend you hide the learner licence and tourist sections if you don't need them
  6. Invite or add your operator(s) - either via email or, if they don't have an email, adding them using a username or bulk uploading them
  7. Follow up with them and make sure they are given clear goals about when the course must be finished
  8. You will receive an email when they have finished all the assigned modules. You can always view their progress by building a report in the reports section, or downloading a report to Excel
  9. Conduct the practical assessment - you'll need the practical assessment checklist, or you can make your own. Watch the overview video if you need a hand
  10. Validate the course and print the certificates and ID card