How to download your certificate if you are a driver

Navigate to Your Courses and then click on the green certificate button. If you can't see it, it means you haven't finished all the modules.

How to download a certificate if you're a manager

There are two types of certificates, single and complete.

Single certificates (per module)

Single certificates for each module can be generated by a manager, but not by drivers.

Go to Reports > Build Report (or Search for a specific driver). Then View then Test results

Click on Certificate next to the result you want to create the certificate for.

Complete course certificates

Go to Manage > Drivers and courses > Course and driver options > Manage drivers

The Certificate button will appear green and will be activated if the driver has completed all modules, with the exception of the Fleet Driver Plan, where you can generate a certificate at any point. 

This creates a certificate that contains the best result from every module that the driver has registered a score for. For example, if a driver has taken the Emergencies module twice, scoring 88% and 100%, the certificate will only show it once with a score of 100%.

There may be other documents available such as the course validation statement, ID card, Results (CSV), or File depending on the course and whether you have uploaded any files.

Searching a driver and downloading a certificate

To download an individual driver's certificate(s) you can search for them using the search box. This will display any courses they have course licences for and you will be able to download the certificate if they have completed the course material. The certificate button appears grey if they have not completed the modules.