Monthly results for every driver

This displays all driver activity for the chosen month as a summary of the last result in each module for each driver and the number of times they took the module. It doesn't contain every result for practical reasons as there's the potential to create a document with too many rows to manage. Choose a month and year then click Download.

If you want to see the result of every test a driver has taken you can download their individual results (see below).

Downloading all driver's results

Click on the Reports page, then click on Detailed module results for every driver as separate CSV files (will email you a zip file) - see the image above.

We'll then generate all the reports and email them to your account email. If you've got a lot of drivers (e.g. 500+) it can take up to 10 minutes. 

Download overall course completion for all current and former drivers

Unlike the report below it, Current, expired and deleted drivers including overall course completion shows every driver you have ever had or invited, plus their status and the maximum completion they achieved in a particular course.

Downloading course completion for each driver

Click Download next to Download current course completion for every driver. This generates a spreadsheet that shows each driver and their current percentage completion of the courses they are enrolled in. More detail about this report is available here. This only reports on drivers with a current course licence.

Top performing drivers

These are drivers that have managed to average a maximum of 1.5 module attempts for all modules in a course. You can reward them if you want.

Drivers with incomplete courses

This lists all current drivers that have a course that is not complete.

Drivers struggling with some modules

This lists all drivers that have taken 5 or more attempts to pass a module. It's best to look at this report in conjunction with the Drivers Skipping Videos report; often you'll see the same drivers.

Drivers skipping videos

This report monitors the first attempt a driver has at a module. If they don't watch more than 80% of the video, it marks them as having skipped it. Some drivers will try their luck and simply go to the questions - these people are probably likely to take short cuts in their workplace, too. If a driver has to repeat a module, it doesn't monitor that attempt.

Downloading an individual driver's results

Click on Reports, build a report in the screen, then click on View next to the driver you want to see.

Then choose the dates you'd like to download or check Download all dates.

Module results are reset after 12 months, so be sure to download any results before this happens.

To find out about the Reports format for individual drivers, click here.