To get to the Profile page, click Profile on the top right of the screen. Several tabs will show and Details is the default tab.


In the details page you can add details that will appear in things like the certificate. If you make any changes, click Save to store the changes, or Cancel if you want to discard the changes.


You can't change the username associated with your account. Most of the time it will be the same as your email address unless you don't have an email address.

First name and last name

Your first name and last name will appear in the certificate. Your first name will appear in emails.

Your profile picture

Browse to a picture on your computer and click Open, then click Save at the bottom of the page to load the picture. The maximum size is 600x800 pixels and it must be a jpeg, PNG or GIF.


If you enter a backup email then any account notices will also be sent there.

Backup email

This is used if you have a username/password login rather than an email/password login. It's where your account notifications will go. Note: your backup email can't be an email that exists as the primary email for another user


If you want to change your password, click Change. Reenter your existing password then a new password, then click Save.


The company is set by the account holder. If you are a driver or manager it will be added automatically.

Company logo

Choose a logo (jpg, gif, png) of no more than 400px wide and 70px high and upload it. It will appear on various pages to remind your employee drivers.

Address and phone

These are optional.

Account (Account holders only) - setting privileges and permissions for Managers

Select whether managers are allowed to purchase courses, invite and delete drivers, whether the referral URL of the company that supplied you DT Driver Training is shown, and whether drivers can delete their own test results.

Generate or regenerate an API key and access the API sandbox.

Email settings

Set whether you want to receive email notifications. The types of notifications vary depending on the type of your account. Turn on Disable system emails if you don't want to receive any notifications.

Payment settings (paid users only)

Paid users can view invoices and change credit card details