Building a report

On the Reports page choose the course you would like to build the report for, then click Build report. This generates an in-page report. You can restrict the output by groups or a partial email address, too.

When you click Build report it will take a few seconds to bring back the drivers and their details.

Viewing a driver's details

In the list of drivers you will see:

  • Their email
  • Their name
  • Type of user
  • The number of modules they have passed (note that they might not have access to all modules)
  • Points
  • The date they last logged in
  • The date they joined

Click on View to view their test results, training and qualifications. This section functions in a similar way to Your skills.

Downloading reports

Click here to find out how to download driver course data as a CSV.

If you are a manager you will only be able to see drivers in the groups that you've been assigned to manage.

Sorting results

You can sort the columns by clicking on the column header. Click here to find out more.