Some courses must be validated either by an external assessor or by someone internal to your company in order to complete them or to be eligible to print a certificate. Such courses tend to have a practical component or a compulsory theory assessment in the presence of that person. Examples are forklift operator's certificate (internal or external assessor) and dangerous goods (external assessor).

How to validate a course

You must be a manager or account holder to validate a course; the user taking the course cannot validate it.

If you need to invite a manager, click here to find out how if you manage other drivers or you are part of a company account with multiple drivers. Click here to find out how if you have an account with only you taking a course.

  1. Check the description of the course to see what is recommended. You may need to contact a specific person in your company, someone in an external assessment agency, or the person who provided the course.
  2. A course cannot be validated until all modules have been completed 100%.

Internal validation

  1. Log in as a manager or the account holder.
  2. Go to Manage > Drivers and courses
  3. Under Course and driver options click on Manage drivers for the course you'd like to validate
  4. Locate the user.
  5. Click on Validate (note: if this is grey the user has not completed all modules 100%; if it says Revalidate then someone has already validated it; if it does not appear, the course does not need to be validated)
  6. Fill out the form. There are a number of fields:
    • Check the driver's name appears at the top - if they haven't entered their name, contact them and get them to add it in their Profile otherwise it won't appear on the certificate
    • Name of the trainer/assessor who assessed the course (required): Enter the name here. It will appear on the certificate
    • Trainer/assessor's company/employer (required): Enter the name of the company
    • Upload a document: you may want to upload a scan or photo of a worksheet (e.g. a practical assessment result), driver licence or another document. You can only upload one file
    • Choose a date: This is the assessment date. Make sure this is accurate because some assessments are only valid for a certain time period. Choose an expiry date, if required.
    • Enter in any vehicle details and licence details, if relevant (these are optional fields)
    • Trainee has passed all online modules (required)
    • Trainee has passed an additional theory test (optional) - check this only if you have separately assessed the student's theory knowledge either in writing or verbally
    • Trainee has passed a practical assessment related to the course (optional)
    • Trainee meets all other requirements for the course - check the description of the course to see if there are any specific requirements such as age, English language level, other qualifications, etc
    • Type your name - this will appear at the bottom of the validation statement so that people know who completed the validation form
  7. Click Generate validation statement. This will generate a PDF to confirm the user has completed all modules, passed a separate theory test (if applicable), passed a separate practical test (if applicable) and meets all other requirements for the course (e.g. age, IELTS, etc). Note that it will store data about who validated the course.

External validation

The account holder must invite an external manager to manage drivers. This manager will be able to then follow the same process as an internal validation. An external manager can use any email address that isn't already used as an account holder or driver.

Downloading your validation certificate

You can go to Your courses and click on Course validation statement to download your certificate once it's validated. This will download a PDF which will have your name in it and the name of the course you are validated for. It will look similar to this. If you are doing a forklift course then there are extra fields to enter the forklift type and rating, plus if there's an expiry date.



Validate button is grey. What can I do?

The only reason the validate button is grey is because the driver has not completed the course. Usually, they will have missed one module (frequently the first one in the forklift operator's certificate, as shown below).

You can view which module it is by clicking on View (above the Validate button). 

Look at which modules show either a grey or yellow bar rather than a green bar. Get the driver to log in and complete those modules, then the validate button will turn green.