Managers have most of the permissions of the account holder but can't add or modify groups or add and delete other managers. 

As a manager, you will see drivers that belong to groups which you have been assigned to.

Managers have two levels of permissions. All managers within a company will have the same level of permissions.

Standard permissions

  • View user reports and analytics 
  • Generate an in-page report for any current course
  • View an individual driver's profile and test results
  • Use the car, heavy vehicle and motorbike Road Code sections like a free user can, but can't access the paid modules or courses unless they have also been invited as a driver
  • A manager can manage multiple companies or entities (one invitation is required from each company)
  • View an activity log related to your account

Optional permissions (set by the account holder)

This level requires that the main account holder enable this in Profile > Account.