There are two options that are perfect for driving instructors and health and safety coordinators working on contract to a company, or with their own independent clients. It allows them to manage multiple independent drivers and companies with many drivers from one account.


A manager, but not an account holder, can manage multiple companies. This is useful if you have a lot of clients who want you to monitor their progress.

This is not an automated process - the client must choose to invite you (or you can do it when you help them set up their account). The client can also remove you at any time.

If you are the account holder and you also want to be a manager with this ability you will have to set up a separate email account. Any Gmail account will do. However, if you already have managers, then they are already ready to manage multiple clients as well as your internal drivers.

If you have multiple companies that you are managing, you will get a pop-up window when you log in so that you can choose which company you want to manage. 

To change the company, go to the Reports page and choose to change the company you are managing.

Why is it this way?

  • You can have unlimited manager accounts therefore you can segment your clients to stop the list becoming too large. For example, you could have students in one manager account and corporate clients in another manager account.
  • If you have people working for you managing clients, you can choose which of your managers can deal with different clients.
  • You could choose to divide it by region
  • If your managers have their own clients, but they're part of your larger corporate entity, they can manage their own clients without interfering with other managers' clients.
  • Because companies are invited using our invitation URLs, these don't expire.


Option 1: Manage drivers within your own account (quicker for reports, but you own their account)

If you have students who with you for several weeks then the quickest way of monitoring them all in one go is to use your own account. Simply purchase course licences and assign them to your students. You will be able to see all students' results from your reports page and will be able to click through to view each user profile.

Option 2: Give students their own account

If you become a reseller you can pre-buy invitation codes which don't expire. Once they are used, they give the driver access to the course for the stated duration.

This is much better for them, but it means that you will rely on them inviting you as a manager or supplying you with reports as to how they are going.  

Choosing which company to manage

If you've been invited by other organisation to manage either a group of drivers or an individual driver, you will see this when you log into your Manager account and you can choose which one you'd like to manage.

Once you're logged in, you can also change your selection from the Reports page by clicking Manage another company: