There are three elements to the Manage drivers and courses page:

1: Tabbed menu (groups and module restrictions)

Drivers and courses is the default page (see below).

Your groups - a flexible way to segment your drivers. Read more here.

Group sequencing - move your drivers between groups automatically to reveal new content or to change their managers. Read more here.

Modules available - change the modules that drivers see depending on which group they are in. Read more here.


Start typing any character string to create a list, or search by group or groups. Or click View all drivers to see every driver.

Drivers and courses

This shows a list of courses which you have course licences for, the drivers that are enrolled, the drivers who haven't accepted an enrolment invitation, any spare course licences you have and whether any drivers' course licences have expired (or you've manually deleted them).

You can click on any of the numbers that are green (i.e. drivers enrolled, drivers not enrolled, expiring and expired/deleted) and you'll go to a page showing you the relevant drivers.

Course and driver options

Each course has a Course and driver options menu.

Manage drivers - read more here.

Buy more licences - purchase more licences for this course using a credit card. If you want to order and pay by invoice, use this form.

Invite drivers via email - read more here.

Add one driver using form - read more here.

Add multiple drivers using a spreadsheet - read more here.

View/renew expired or deleted drivers - read more here.

List drivers that haven't accepted an invitation (previously called 'pending') - read more here.

View course - links to the course information page. 

If you click on the course name it will go to the course information page.

Menu options will be grey if they are not available to you, for example, if you don't have any spare course licences, the Invite drivers via email option will be unavailable.