Inviting or adding drivers (via email, via form or via Excel CSV spreadsheet)

Read about your options here

Deleting and editing drivers

There are two options:

Click on: 
  1. Manage drivers in the Course and driver options dropdown menu. 

Choosing View all drivers shows different information than choosing Manage drivers.

View all drivers (shows every driver with a current course licence)
Manage drivers (shows drivers in that course)
Email or username (if email doesn't exist)
Status (claimed or unclaimed)
View, Edit, Delete
Email or username
% complete
Access expires
View, Edit, Delete,
Course validation statement,
Validate, Results (CSV),
Certificate, ID Card

Edit buttons explained

Depending on the course and what settings you have changed, you may not see all these buttons.

View all drivers view

Manage drivers view

  • View: goes to Modules completed for that driver
  • Edit: enables editing of the driver's groups (note that you can do this en masse by selecting multiple drivers) - see below
  • Delete: deletes the driver immediately (you can still view their results, but you will need to buy another course licence to reinstate access to modules)
  • Course validation statement: available for some courses, such as forklift operators certificate (may be grey if the course isn't completed)
  • Validate/revalidate: a way to confirm a person has also completed a separate practical or theory test (may be grey if the course isn't completed)
  • Results (CSV): download the drivers training results
  • Certificate: generate a certificate of their course results (may be grey if the course isn't completed)
  • File: if you uploaded a file to the validation page, you can download it here
  • ID card: generate an ID card (if relevant)

Note that you can edit multiple drivers by choosing multiple checkboxes.


In View all drivers, each driver will have one record for each of the courses they are enrolled in. If you edit the driver's groups, this will be reflected in each of the records. However, if you click Delete, this will only delete the driver from the specific course, not all courses they are enrolled in.

Deleting drivers before they are renewed (Fleet Driver Plan)

In the image below, the company has 9 drivers expiring in the next 30 days.

You can delete drivers en masse before they are due to be renewed from the Renew expiring drivers screen

Deleting a driver removes their access immediately. If you would like the driver to expire, but you want to keep their account open until the end of their 12-month period, turn auto-renew off, then manually renew the drivers you want to renew.

Edit a driver's groups

If you click on Edit then you will be able to change the groups the driver belongs to.

Note: changing a driver's groups doesn't notify them that you've changed the groups - you'll need to email them to tell them.

Buy more drivers

If you've run out of drivers you can purchase extra ones by clicking Buy more drivers.

View expiring drivers

For all courses other than the Fleet Driver Plan, read here.

Fleet Driver Plan

If you have any drivers expiring within the next 30 days, you will see a notification on the Manage and add drivers page, and you can click the Renew expiring drivers button. You can delete any drivers you don't want to renew, but bear in mind this will remove access to those accounts permanently. Read the guide here.

This page contains a list of all expiring drivers. In this case, auto-renew is on, so they will renew automatically using the details you've supplied previously.

If auto-renew is not on, check the drivers you want to renew, then click Renew.

You can delete the drivers you don't want to renew by clicking Delete. Bear in mind this deletes them immediately.

Note: renewals don't apply to other courses, only the Fleet Driver Plan.