Changing your email address

Log in, click Profile, change the email address then click Save

Changing your username

You can't change your username or the username of any of your drivers unless you contact us.

Changing your password

Log in, click on Profile, click on Change and follow the instructions. Click Save to update.

Changing someone else's password

If you're a manager or account holder, you can change a driver's password by searching for them, then clicking on Edit. There's more information with screenshots here.

Changing an email after you've invited a driver

If the driver hasn't accepted their invitation, delete the invitation and then reinvite them. DO NOT delete them if they already have accepted it as this will remove them from the course. They can log in and change their email address. 

Changing an email or username of a driver you've added with a spreadsheet or with the Add one driver form

Your driver can log in and change their own email, but you will need to contact us if you want to change the username.