From within the Drivers and courses page, click into the Course and driver options dropdown menu and select Add driver(s) using form. This will invite your driver without the need for an email address.

Firstly, choose whether you are adding a new driver or an existing driver. If the driver already exists, you can search the username and simply add them - much quicker than having to add all the details.

New drivers

The username must be unique within our website and it must only contain letters, numbers or full stops - no other characters. 

The password should be at least 5 characters.

Enter a first and last name for the user so it will print on the certificate.

If they don't have an email, leave this blank. If you want to use a backup email (e.g. a manager's email so that they receive notifications, check the backup email box and then enter it.

Choose the group or groups the driver will belong to.

The course should automatically have been chosen based on which course you selected.

As soon as you click Create, one course licence will be used for the course you select and access begins immediately (i.e. the course timer starts).

Existing drivers

If a driver is already registered on a course, choose Existing driver. You can search for the driver using the first field. 

Adding more than one driver at a time

Simply search the driver, then click their username, then search another driver, and so on. Then choose the group(s). It'll look like this, where the usernames of the drivers are wh30 and wh31:

Notifying drivers that don't have email addresses

If you don't have individual email addresses for your drivers they won't receive reminders or a confirmation email about their account. They won't be able to reset their password or retrieve a forgotten password; you will have to manage this for them. You can change their password by searching them and clicking Edit.

Managers will receive a notification when you add a driver to a group they are responsible for.

If you do add an email into the email field, those drivers will receive a confirmation email with their account details.