Have you filled in your first name and last name in the Profile > Details page? Both must be filled in. You can use your company name in there if you want the emails to come from the company rather than you. The company logo will appear in emails.

Do you have spare course licences? If you just purchased a Learner Driver Plus course, you only have one driver (yourself). Purchase at least two licences for any other course and it will upgrade you so that you can add other drivers. Spare licences are shown in the third column.

How to get some spare course licences

  1. Purchase more, either by clicking Course and driver options > Buy more licences, or going to the course page itself and clicking Buy now or requesting to be invoiced.
  2. Delete a driver that has not started the course. If the driver has not started the course, their course licence can be used for someone else. Click Course and driver options > Manage drivers and find the driver you'd like to delete. Make sure they are on 0% completion.
  3. If you are on a Guaranteed Drivers plan, delete an existing driver and this will give you a spare licence for the remainder of the time allocated. 

When you click on Invite Drivers, it should look something like this, with the highlighted figure being anything other than zero.

Only the main account holder and managers with the correct permissions can invite drivers.