Click through to the Drivers and courses section.

You'll see how many driver seats you have available in each course under the Spare licenses column. To invite a driver, click on the Invite drivers button.

Fill in the email addresses of the drivers you would like to invite, one per line.

Note that if you have already invited drivers that haven't accepted, you won't use any extra accounts.

Choose whether they are students/clients, employees, contractors or volunteers.

Choose the group or groups they belong to. If you need to add more groups, click here.

If you haven't invited yourself as a driver already, then you'll see a checkbox to do that.

Once you click Invite drivers, the number of available course licences will reduce by the number of emails you've added. 

You can't invite more drivers than you have available.

The driver will receive an email with your logo and name in it that looks similar to this:

Uploading drivers in bulk

You can upload drivers using a CSV spreadsheet. Find out how here.

Cancelling a driver invitation

Until an invited driver creates an account, you can cancel their invitation which will add one back to the number of available drivers.

Resending invitations that haven't been accepted

Click on Pending. Once at this screen you can filter by email and/or groups. Then click Resend all invitations to send invitations based on the filtered selection, or click on the Resend invitation button by each user you would like to receive another email invitation.

Inviting a driver who already has an account

If a driver already has an account with another company, or they registered their own account, you can't invite them to your account. You can add them using a separate email address.

Conflicting module selections within the Fleet Driver Plan

If you choose 2 or more groups that have conflicting module selections you will get this warning. Click Continue if you're OK with it. 

What happens when a driver logs in for the first time?

Once they've set their password they'll see the following screen directing them where to go to do some modules. Depending on which groups you've invited them to, they won't necessarily see all options.