You've been invited as a manager on because you're responsible for delivering or coordinating training to a group of drivers. You'll either be able to see all drivers or a subset of drivers that you are responsible for.

  • You can view reports and analytics for any drivers using DT in the groups that you have been assigned to manage.
  • You might also have access to one of the courses if you've received a separate driver access email and have clicked on the invitation. If you want to access any courses, ask the main account holder to invite you.
  • You may also be able to invite and delete drivers, depending on whether the account holder allows it, and validate courses for drivers that are assigned to you

For a more comprehensive list of what a manager can do, see the page 'What can a manager do?'

Are you already using DT Driver Training courses?

If you're already enrolled in a course you'll be able to access it as usual, however, now you'll have access to additional features.