Shiny new things

  • New languages - Samoan, Maori and more - plus improved translation quality. You can access languages on a computer or tablet, but not a phone
  • Managers can now invite, edit and delete other managers - you have to turn this on in Profile -> Account to enable this.
  • Edit all drivers now includes course completion. This is the first stage of this functionality - coming soon, you'll be able to sort by columns
  • Way more control over what emails you receive - go to Profile > Email settings
  • Menu on mobile devices has some changes to better reflect the sections you're going to
  • More information in invoices (payment method, who placed the order); this is reflected on the post-payment page, too
  • Added a 'nil work days' graphic in Logbooks and Work Time: Heavy Vehicle Drivers in module 5 (Filling in Your Logbook)