This is a major upgrade to the shopping cart, plus a large number of minor features. If you find a bug, please let us know.


  • Add and remove multiple different courses from the cart rather than just being able to purchase one type of course at once
  • Additional payment methods: bank transfer, invoice, Paypal, Google Pay, Apple Pay
  • Invoice payment: immediate access to course materials for pre-approved purchasers
  • Cart automatically prompts for course prerequisites, e.g. it checks you have the right licences or qualifications already
  • Cart automatically prompts for address when course materials such as study guides need to be sent
  • NZ Post API to ensure addresses are deliverable for course materials
  • Revised pricing: pricing is now GST exclusive to make it easier for you to see the real price. A few courses have had minor price changes to make sure the prices work with two decimal places
  • Email instructions are sent automatically on purchase for some courses

Course detail

  • More detail shown in the overview, such as whether unit standards are available, study guides are sent, etc

Driver management

  • Course for deleted drivers can now be renewed without you having to reinvite them
  • Better sorting for various views
  • Driver search searches username, name and email now


  • Managers can now purchase courses, if permission is given in Profile > Account

Miscellaneous course upgrades

  • Fixed (finally): Quizzes should not report that you got the question wrong even though you got it right (let us know if it still does)
  • Truck loader crane operators certificate now creates an ID card
  • Added three courses over the last few months: Heavy vehicle load security, light vehicle load security, and dangerous goods handler
  • Misc upgrades to Fleet Driver Plan
  • Misc upgrades to D endorsement
  • Misc upgrades to forklift operator's certificate and F+OSH


  • Activity log is now under Reports
  • Activity log contains more detail
  • Profile updated with new address fields
  • Backup email is now no longer user-specific (can be used for multiple users)