Adding a group

Go to Manage > Groups, or click on the Your Groups tab.

Enter a group name in the field then click Add group. For example, this will add a group called Delivery.

Add as many groups as you like, but don't overcomplicate it. If you have more than 10 groups, it starts to get complicated.

Editing and deleting a group

Click Rename if you want to change the name of the group. Click Delete if you want to delete the group. Note: if you delete a group with active drivers, it might remove access to course modules or stop them seeing results from modules that they had access to in that group.

Assigning a driver to a group

To add a driver to a group after you've invited them, go to Manage > Drivers and courses, then search using the search field. 

Click Search to display drivers that match. Then click Edit, select the new modules and click Save.

Removing a driver from a group

Repeat the above process but deselect the modules you don't need and click Save.