Two courses are available for the D endorsement:

View the full course here

View the renewal course here

Both courses are to be used in conjunction with the study guide and segregation chart which will be couriered to you (make sure you've supplied your courier address). Some of the questions refer to the study guide and these are designed to get you familiar with using it, like you will do in the final assessment.

Full course

This course is open book - you can use the study guide and segregation chart through the assessment. There are 80 questions to answer in two hours. You must have completed the online theory before you can do the final assessment. The assessor can help you by clarifying points and pointing you to the right sections in the book; they can't give you the actual answers for the assessment

Renewal course

This course is closed book for the first part and open book for the second. This means you will have to remember the materials and we recommend that you whip through the online course again the night before. The assessor can help clarify points but cannot give you the actual answers. The second part is open book and relates to segregation - make sure you understand the segregation chart and how it works.