Some of these notifications can be turned off. To turn off notifications, go to Profile > Email settings. If you are a driver registered with just a username, not an email, you won't receive these notifications.


  • Password reset
  • Someone has attempted to log into your account more than 10 times

Account holder

Some of the following are only relevant to account holders who also manage drivers

  • You bought some course licences (confirmation of purchase via credit card)
  • You bought course licences but didn't invite anyone within 48 hours (only applies if you buy using a credit card, not on invoice)
  • You bought course licences and haven't used them within 30 days (i.e. you have spare course licences waiting to be used)
  • You haven't logged in for 90 days
  • Driver course licences are expiring in 30 days
  • Driver course licences have expired
  • One or more of your drivers has accepted the invitation but has not completed any of the modules
  • A qualification of one of your drivers is expiring within 7 days
  • A manager has accepted an invitation but hasn't logged in for 90 days
  • A driver has finished a course
  • An administrator has added course licences (only notifies in certain circumstances)
  • An administrator has set up an account for you
  • Your account has been upgraded from a single user to a business user
  • You requested reports via email
  • One of your managers has invited or deleted a driver
  • Drivers have been moved to a certain group
  • A user has a course that needs to be validated (e.g. forklift operator's certificate practical assessment)
  • A manager has purchased a course
  • A manager has invited or deleted a user or another manager.

Driver (has access to a course licence)

  • You registered an account
  • You are being invited to a course
  • You have accepted the course licence but haven't completed any modules within a certain time (reminds in 14 days and 31 days)
  • One of your qualifications will expire in 30 days
  • More content is available to you due to your groups being changed


  • You are being invited as a manager
  • A driver in one of your groups has a qualification expiring in 30 days
  • A driver in one of your groups is ready for a practical assessment