If you have purchased more than one of the same course, or if you were already an account holder that could manage drivers, then you will be able to assign your courses to either yourself or another driver in your organisation.

Go to Manage > Drivers and courses to manage courses you have purchased.

The first column, Purchased courses, shows courses which you have bought in your organisation.

The Drivers enrolled column shows how many drivers you have enrolled in that course.

The Spare licenses column shows how many licences are available to assign to either yourself or other drivers in your organisation.

Buying more course licences

You can buy more licences for a particular course by clicking on Buy more licences.

Choose the number of licences you need, click Continue, then follow the prompts to make payment. Once you have paid, the course(s) will be available in your account.

Assigning a driver to a course ('invite drivers')

To assign a driver to a course, click on Invite drivers, then use the driver's email address to invite them. If the driver already exists with a username in your company, you can use their username, but it won't send them an invitation email.

You can't assign more drivers than the number of credits you have available.

Manage enrolled drivers

You can see which drivers are enrolled in a course and how far they are through it. Once they have finished the course the certificate button will appear green. 

  • Email or username: the email or username you used to invite the person to the course
  • Name: if the user has filled in their name it will appear here
  • % complete: how far the user is through the course in terms of questions answered correctly (not modules completed)
  • Access expires: how long the course is available to the user for
  • Status: Incomplete (course isn't finished), Requires validation (requires that a manager who should be authorised to validate the results confirms that the user has passed the theory requirements [this might also involve a separate in-person theory exam]), and Completed (course is finished 100% and validated, if necessary)
  • Validate: once the course is finished this will be available to the main account holder. Once validated, this will appear as Revalidate in case details need to be changed.
  • Results (CSV): download the results from this course as a CSV file
  • Certificate: this button will only appear if the course offers a certificate and all the criteria have been met. The minimum criteria is to get 100% in all the questions, but some courses require a separate validation by a third party that the theory has been completed.
  • Course validation statement (not shown): once the course has been validated, this can be downloaded.