Buying your first course licence(s)

When you first sign up you will have the option to assign that course to yourself immediately (best for individual users), to assign it to other users (best for company users - you can still assign it to yourself), or to wait until later to decide.

The first option sets up an individual user account. The second two options set up a business user account with more features.

Buying more course licences

There are four ways to buy more course licences:

  1. Skip straight to the order form here 
  2. Find the course you'd like to buy, e.g. forklift operator's certificate, click Buy Now and enter your credit card details
  3. Find the course you'd like to buy, and right under the Buy Now button, click Order Here and it will go to the form mentioned above.
  4. Log in an click on Buy more licences from the Course and Driver Options drop-down menu when you are in the Manage drivers and courses page

    Then select either Continue to pay by credit card or Order Here to go to the form mentioned above.
    Choose the number of licences you need, click Continue, then follow the prompts to make payment. Once you have paid, the course(s) will be available in your account.

If you pay by credit card, a receipt is issued to the main account holder on payment and you can view the details of the person responsible for the payment by going to Profile > Payment SettingsIf you pay by invoice, we will email you the invoice.