Adding course licences to your shopping cart

There are two ways to purchase course licences

Simply visit the course itself, choose how many course licences you would like and click Add to Cart

Or, if you already have a company account, you can also choose Buy more licences from the Course and driver options menu on the Manage drivers and courses page.

Then choose how many course licences you need.

Clicking Continue will redirect you to the cart.


Some courses require you to meet certain criteria. Ensure that your drivers either do (or will) before confirming your purchases. There's more information on our Prerequisites page.

Buying your first course licence(s)

If you are only purchasing one course licence you will have the option to assign that course to yourself immediately (best for individual users), to assign it to other users (best for company users - you can still assign it to yourself), or to wait until later to decide. 

The first option sets up an individual user account. The second two options set up a company account with more features. If you are purchasing more than one course licence for a specific course, you will automatically create a company account. 

If you pay by credit card, bank transfer, Paypal, Google Pay or Apple Pay, a receipt is issued to the main account holder on payment and you can view the details of the person responsible for the payment by going to Profile > Payment SettingsIf you pay by invoice, we will email you the invoice.

Once you have paid, you may be asked to provide address details for us to send study guides, depending on which courses you ordered.