You will need to be logged in. You can either purchase a course yourself or be assigned a course by your manager. If you are already a driver within a company, you can only be assigned a course, you can't purchase it unless you log out and create a new account with a different email address.


Once you have access to a course it will appear in Your courses.

To take the course, click on the link in Your courses or navigate to the course itself by clicking on Courses

Here you'll see the course. Scroll down to the modules and they will be available for you to click on. You can take the modules in any order you like, but we recommend you start at the first one and work your way through because the courses are structured to build on your learning piece-by-piece.

You can retake the modules as often as you like and you have full access to the course for as long as it says in the interface (usually at least 3 months and often up to a year).

You can also access all the modules from Your skills > Modules completed.

Finishing or completing modules

If you have attempted all modules, but some of them aren't 100% complete yet, you'll see this notification.

Once you've finished all the modules you'll get this notification

Bear in mind that other modules might be assigned to you at some time in the future.


Some courses will allow you to generate a certificate. For some courses, you must have 100% on each of the course modules while others may allow you to generate a partial certificate.

Validating your course results

Some courses require validation by an approved or qualified assessor before they allow you to generate a course certificate. Check out the help section for assessors to find out what the procedure is. You can get in touch with your manager to let them know when you are finished; for all courses other than Fleet Driver Skills, your manager will receive an email when you have completed the modules 100%.