There are five types of plans and access to content:


Simply purchase any number of course licences and assign them to users. You get user management features such as groups, analytics, reports, and our monthly email with updates to legislation, etc. If you need another driver, you simply pay for that driver when you need it.

Fleet Driver Plan

This is similar to a course, but renews each year. You purchase one account per driver per year. That gives them access to all the advanced modules (not including custom modules or courses, unless you supply those modules)

Guaranteed Drivers Plan

This provides the same access to content as the Fleet Driver Plan. You nominate a certain number of drivers you want to have at any one time, e.g. 200. You can add or delete drivers, as long as you don't exceed 200 in total. We can increment your account 5 drivers at a time if you need more. This suits companies with transient workforces and is only available for orders of 200 drivers or more where no other discount or reseller arrangement applies. This does not work with other courses. Call us for details. 

Learner Driver Plus

You purchase one account for one driver and get access to all the advanced modules, plus unlimited test result storage, the ability to share your profile with your driving instructor and more.


You can only access the Road Code modules and you can store the last 5 test results.