We can load custom modules for your company that only appear for your drivers within the Fleet Driver Plan. 

You can treat custom modules the same way that you treat other modules:

  • Make them available only to certain groups
  • Track them in Modules Completed and Reports pages
  • Export drivers' results as a CSV

Custom modules can appear in sections with other modules, or in their own section. If they're in their own section, they'll look a little like this:

The modules function the same way as other modules. You can have:

  • A pre-quiz page with embedded media and text - a video or slideshow, images, etc
  • Any number of questions. An individual question can have text, a video or image, plus up to six answers (either text or images), and be either multiple choice (one answer) or multi-select (more than one answer), plus some clarification text for the correct and incorrect response.
  • A post-quiz page with embedded media and text.

There is a one-off charge for loading and testing custom modules. You can host your own videos (either on YouTube or Vimeo) or we can host your video using our hosting plan for a small charge.