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If you're looking for suggestions for what modules to include in the Fleet Driver Plan, see this article for how do make advanced combinations and this article for sample sets of modules.

What are optional modules?

In some courses, one or more modules are optional. For example, in the forklift operator's certificate course, the attachments module is optional (not everyone uses attachments); in the Fleet Driver Plan, all modules are optional.

How can you use Groups to customise courses to your drivers' training requirements?

Using Groups, you can segregate your drivers into logical groups depending on what their training requirements are. For example, let's say you have 10 forklift drivers. Five forklift drivers only use forks (we'll call them Fork Group) whereas the other five use forks and some other attachments (we'll call them Attachments Group). You could have all drivers do the whole course, but if you want to save some time (around eight minutes for drivers that only use forks), here's what you do:

  1. Set up two Groups (Fork Group, Attachment Group)
  2. Load the settings for Fork Group and turn off the Attachments module
  3. Assign fork-only drivers to the Fork Group when you invite them, and assign the five drivers that use attachments to Attachment Group.

Now your drivers will experience a more tailored training experience.

Let's go through the steps:

How do you select modules for each course?

The default behaviour is that all optional modules are available unless you turn them off.

Go to Drivers and courses, then click on Modules available or from the Manage menu, click Module Availability

There are instructions on the page, but here are the main steps:

  1. Choose a course from the drop-down menu (it says Pre-trip Inspection below, but it will only give you options for the courses you have licences for)
  2. Click Load module selection.
  3. Change the module selection using the checkboxes. If you don't see any modules listed here, that means all modules are compulsory. Your selection is saved automatically.
  4. You can turn all modules off and on in a group by clicking the checkbox in the column header.

Can I release modules over a period of time?

When you invite a driver to a course, all compulsory modules are available to them when they accept the invitation. You can hold back optional modules by creating a separate group and using module sequencing. Fleet Driver Skills is the only course where all modules are optional. Some other courses have a few optional modules, for example, the Low-speed Manoeuvring course has an optional heavy vehicle module, Heavy Vehicle Load Security (shown above) has optional modules based on what type of heavy vehicles you're using, while the Pre-trip Inspection course has optional modules for combination vehicles, dangerous goods and tippers.

Why are my drivers seeing modules I've disabled?

If you have a driver that belongs to more than one group they will see the aggregate of the modules available to all groups. You might have turned some modules off in one group, but if they are available in the other group, the driver will see them.