A module consists of a number of questions and could also contain video or other materials. 

An estimate of the time taken to complete the module (including watching the video) is given below the module name. 

If there is video contained within the module then a small video icon will appear, and if there are documents contained, such as a slideshow or PDF, then you'll see a document symbol. This additional content could appear either before or after the questions.

Video is shown like this once you've entered the module.

Tracking module progress

You can see which modules you have taken and what your last score was. When you have completed a module, a green tick badge appears in the top corner. Modules which are free have a yellow 'free' badge in the top corner until they are completed. Paid modules don't have a badge.

You can also see this progress in the Modules Completed tab within Your Skills.

Note that each learner licence section and Fleet Driver Skills have their own road rules modules with slightly different questions, so you will see, for example, Behaviour, listed several times, once for each instance. Your progress will only be registered in the section that you took the module from.

Once you have finished the quiz, you will see the results page.

Your score and points are not stored until you visit the results page.