In the Modules completed tab you can see your last result in each module. You'll only see modules for courses you are enrolled in. If you are using the Fleet Driver Skills course then you will see modules based on their availability in the groups you are assigned to.

Choosing the course

Use the drop-down menu to choose the course you want to view. The modules will be displayed with their score and when you last took it.

Sections are independent!

As some of the road rules modules are slightly different between company, car, heavy vehicle, motorbike and tourist, these are listed separately. If you take the Behaviour module from the Motorbike section, it will only register your result for that module in the Motorbike section and not in the Car, Company, Heavy Vehicle or Tourist sections, even though there are many shared questions. 

Completion expiration - scores resetting

The completion you achieve in each module (e.g. 100%) is only valid for one year, after which they expire and reset to 0%. You will receive an email about this so you can go and top up your scores if you want to.