The training record is a log of your external training. You can add any type of training to the training record.

Each row shows the date of the training, a description, how long the training took, and any notes about the training. You can also delete it.

Any Managers assigned to manage your account can also add a training record and you'll see their name under the Created by column.

Adding a new record

Click on the +Add new record button.

A window will show with a number of options: date, hours taken, the type of training (e.g. driving lesson, course, driving assessment, etc), and a field for notes.

You can select more than one type of training, e.g. it might be an off-site course, so select off-site and course.

Finally, you can add a file to the training, for example a driving assessment report. This allows you to keep a record of your practical driving and theory driving together in one system.

When you've finished, click +Add record, or you can close this window by clicking the cross on the top right.