The test results tab shows a list of all the tests you've completed. 

Each row shows the date and time the test was completed, the type of test (e.g. heavy vehicle), the section (e.g. signs) and your score.

Free accounts

If you have a free account you'll see the last five results of tests you took and completed and you can view the incorrect answers or share the results to Facebook.

Paid accounts (single user)

You'll see every test you took and completed for each module in each course. You can view the correct answers and share the result to Facebook. You can also delete results.

Paid accounts (companies)

As per single user accounts plus the ability to delete a result only if your manager allows it.


  • View incorrect - allows you to view the incorrect answers from this test
  • Resume - if a module was not completed, you can resume it and finish it by clicking Resume. Note that this is not possible for random quizzes in the car, motorbike, heavy vehicle or tourist sections.
  • Share - shares your score to your Facebook profile
  • Delete - deletes the test result (if made available by the account holder)