How to start your course

Go to

Click on Log in / Create account on the top right

Or if you're on a smartphone, it will appear just as 'Log in'. Enter your email address and password. If you haven't already set your password, use the link in the invitation email. If you have been set up without an invitation email, ask your administrator for your username and password.

Click on Your courses.:

If you're on a smartphone, click Account, then Your courses.

It will show you the course names and your current progress. Click on the name of the course that you want to take. In this case, we're showing the Fleet Driver Plan

Click on the Start now button or simply scroll down to the modules.

Depending on what your administrator has made available, you might see different modules. Click on Start module to start the module. Watch the video or presentation (if available) then complete the questions. You can repeat the module as many times as you like.


Once you've completed some modules they will appear in the Your skills section.

Make sure your name is set in the details page so that it appears in any certificates.