How to start your course

You may have received an email invitation. If so, click on the green button in the email and it will prompt you to choose your preferred password. You'll then be logged in.

If you have been given a username and password from your administrator, or you've already set your password from the email invitation and want to log in again go to

Click on Log in / Create account on the top right


Or if you're on a smartphone, it will appear just as 'Log in'. The app is free and you can download it by following these help pages.

The first time you log in, you'll get a series of helpful tips which explain what each section does. 

Once you've finished, you'll be on the Modules Completed page. If not, click Your Skills > Modules Completed (or Account > Your Skills > Modules completed on a smartphone)

It might ask you to set your name before you do anything else - fill this in because you'll need it for your certificate.

If you just have the one course, that's all you'll see in the Modules Completed page. If you have more than one course, click the dropdown menu (Choose course) and select which course you'd like to do. 

This is what it looks like on a smartphone

You can start taking the modules from this page by clicking Take module. Or, if you want to find a fuller description of the course and its modules you can click on Your courses.: (or Account > Your Courses on a smartphone)

If you're on a smartphone, click Account, then Your courses.

It will show you the course names and your current progress. Click on the name of the course that you want to take.

Click on the Start now button or simply scroll down to the modules.

Depending on what your administrator has made available, you might see different modules. Click on Start module to start the module. Watch the video or presentation (if available) then complete the questions. You can repeat the module as many times as you like. Note: the software logs how much time you spend on each activity. If you skip the video on your first time doing the module, this action forms part of the reports available to your manager.

Once you've completed some modules they will appear in the Your skills section.

Simply work your way through all the available modules. Once you've finished, your administrator will get an email.