Shiny new things

  • Improvements to operation on a mobile phone in a browser and in our apps - it should respond and load more quickly
  • Activity log - now you can see the most recent actions in your account such as Managers inviting drivers - go to Profile > Activity log. Only the account holder and managers can see this feature
  • 'Expiring' column shows managers how many courses are due to expire in the next 30 days. Click on the number to see whose licences are expiring
  • Improvements to question layout when there are images
  • Increased the width of the page slightly to give a better layout on larger monitors
  • Added course expiry date to the Drivers with incomplete courses report
  • Improved some in-page notifications, e.g. when adding drivers
  • When you click View to see a driver's results, it now goes to the relevant course

Bug fixes

  • Owner-driver accounts couldn't delete a Manager invitation
  • Managers couldn't invite themselves to a course
  • Course completion report wasn't always accurate
  • Multiple improvements to the speed of reports and the dashboard
  • Some courses displayed an incorrect number of modules
  • Sometimes the incorrect date showed in modules completed
  • Filtering by group didn't work in some reports
  • Deleted drivers didn't show for managers
  • Pre-quiz open time didn't display accurately in the report if the course was restarted by the driver