Shiny new things

  • Managers can now be assigned permissions to manage Groups (add, edit, delete, change module assignment, change sequences) - there are individual selectors for this in Profile > Account
  • Driver numbers are now clickable in Drivers and courses - rather than having to select from the menu, just click on the number
  • Fleet Driver Plan has been removed from the main menu - you can access it from Courses, or from Your Courses or Your Skills > Modules completed if you have a course licence
  • Major changes to how you select optional modules in the courses using Groups - it's now a matrix
  • Changes to Analyse > Dashboard and Analyse > Reports - there are several new reports available, but we had to move four reports to the Reports page and have them generated on request as they take a lot of server resources. These will make their way back to this page as we make improvements to the database. They are: top-performing drivers, drivers with incomplete courses, drivers struggling with some modules, drivers skipping videos
  • Course category filter - when you're in the course catalogue simply choose the category at the top of the page and it will filter the selection. For example, this link filters for forklift courses.
  • New menu colour - it's a bit brighter


  • Course enrolment date was sometimes incorrect
  • The for business account holders was incorrect when in the Resources section
  • Managers could not validate a course assigned to an owner-driver account (i.e. one person with one course)
  • Breadcrumbs weren't working on module media pages (i.e. when the video is shown)
  • 'Restart' wasn't logging the module attempt
  • Several typos were fixed and some wording was changed to make the interface clearer, particularly around navigation and breadcrumbs
  • Business account holders can now see absolutely every test result for each driver (restarts and abandoned tests weren't visible)