This is a high-level list of planned functionality in coming versions. It doesn't include a definitive list of bugs to fix as these are often fixed between versions. It is not a definitive list and items may be pushed back or brought forward. 

V7.0 - estimated completion early-Nov 2019

More details on invoice page

More flexibility in module types, e.g. modules with no questions required

Improvements to managing the expiry of external courses

Remove driver type from invitation

More permissions for Managers (with control by the account holder)

Improvements to driver profile

Activity log - see who has done what

Improvements to choosing module availability within groups

Managers can see all test results when looking at a driver

V7.1 - estimated completion late November 2019

Improvements to question lists for the Road Code

Better display of expiring course licences

V7.2 - estimated completion mid-December 2019

More payment options

V8.0 - estimated completion March 2020