Shiny new things

  • When you delete a driver that hasn't started a course, it now adds the course licence back to your account for you to use again (you no longer have to contact us about this). We updated the delete confirmation message along with this
  • Improved Manage drivers page processing time down to around 1 second (from about 5 seconds) when there are more than 200 drivers in your account. It's also faster for smaller numbers of drivers
  • Download all your drivers' statuses as a CSV (click View all drivers then Download driver list)
  • Add one driver form now pre-populates the course

Content changes

  • New F endorsement course with a reduce price - now at $209+GST (but on special for a while at $199+GST)

Bug fixes

  • Bulk editing drivers if one or more drivers had no groups assigned gave an error
  • Troubleshooting: custom login page occasionally fails in Microsoft Edge
  • Fixed an issue relating to inviting a person as a manager and driver at the same time
  • Columns were not sorting when a report was built in the Reports page
  • Course expiration emails were missing some drivers
  • Managers weren't receiving notifications of expiring qualifications