Shiny new things

  • Optional modules (FINALLY!) - in some courses, some modules are marked as optional where they might not be relevant for all your drivers, e.g. the heavy vehicle module in Low-speed Manoeuvring and Towing, Attachments in Forklift Operator's Certificate and several modules in the Pre-trip Inspection course. This means you'll be able to choose which groups can see that module and which groups it's hidden from
  • Custom login pages (YAY!) - if you want a branded login page on let us know. There's a small setup cost and no ongoing costs.
  • When looking at incorrectly answered questions we removed the behaviour of the question opening in a new window
  • Abandoned quiz scores have been added into the CSV download of course results
  • Some warning notifications have been improved
  • Searching is now quicker for Managers

Content improvements and additions

  • NEW COURSE!!Pre-trip Inspection (Heavy Vehicles) - well worth checking out as 80+% of drivers don't know how to do one properly
  • Improvements to the mobile phone module in the Fleet Driver Plan
  • The ability to turn off the Learner Licence and Tourist sections has been extended to administrators of any courses, not just the Fleet Driver Plan

Bug fixes

  • Managers weren't being reminded when a qualification was coming up for renewal
  • Managers who were invited to courses received an email with a broken link
  • Some scores were reported incorrectly
  • Fixed a bug whereby if you saved your name in Profile, it erased your email address

UPDATE (9 April)

This release had three bugs which were subsequently fixed

  • Some browsers refused to load quizzes due to caching and cookie conflicts
  • Optional modules weren't working unless you had a Fleet Driver Plan course licence; now it works with all modules
  • Course completion was not accurate for people who had renewed Fleet Driver Plan licences