Shiny new things

  • Added a 'back to course' button on the results page
  • 'Next module' now works across sections rather than just within a section
  • Added group sequencing - you can now automatically move people from one group to another after a certain time period
  • Success message for bulk uploading drivers
  • Bulk upload now supports all courses, not just the Fleet Driver Plan
  • Minor improvements to the mobile layout for reports and management pages
  • Improvements to the course certificate - it now shows the course supplier's logo

Bug fixes

  • Try next module would prompt you to buy a course even if you had access to the course
  • Fixed Fleet Driver Plan reporting which output a list of all modules per driver even if the driver didn't have access to them
  • Drivers who bought just one course licence for the Fleet Driver Plan didn't see that option in their modules completed page
  • Modules weren't resetting to zero after a year
  • Some tidying up of styles
  • On-track completion was going above 100%
  • Breadcrumb link was broken in courses
  • Fleet Driver Plan certificate improvements
  • It was possible to invite the same person twice if you used different capitalisation in their email address
  • It was possible to use non-standard email formats and characters which ended up creating errors