New features

  • Improved Resend invitations page: now shows up to 200 drivers and you can filter by groups and email addresses
  • Added Google Translate option to all pages (note: only works on computers or large tablets, not mobile devices)
  • Added list of deleted drivers
  • Improved editing of driver groups - you can now easily filter the list and apply the operation just to those drivers
  • Increased number of drivers shown on the screen from 20 to 200 on some pages to help with selecting all drivers
  • Improved searching and editing drivers
  • Cleaned up the profile page (removed duplicate information)
  • Added date to some analytics reports


  • Manager could still delete drivers even if permission wasn't granted
  • Certificate for Fleet Driver Plan wasn't working
  • If a driver was assigned to a group and that group was deleted, drivers 'disappeared' (note: they still won't appear in reports that are group-specific)
  • Some group selections weren't calculating the correct numbers in reports/analytics
  • Build reports wasn't working in Microsoft Edge
  • Managers could invite drivers to a course even if they weren't permitted
  • Removed hanging 'buy now' button on course page
  • Updated Facebook graph API
  • Quick reports weren't working if a driver was only assigned to tourist, car, motorbike or heavy vehicle, and no Fleet Driver Plan modules