New functionality

You can now treat Car, Motorbike, Heavy Vehicle and Tourist as pseudo 'courses' as part of the Fleet Driver Plan. For example, if you only give a driver access to Heavy Vehicle, this appears separately in the drop-down menu in the Reports page and on their Modules Completed page. 

On the Reports page, choose the course you want to build the report for from the drop-down menu.

Bug fixes

  • Logo was missing from course invitation emails and when a new user creates a password after clicking an invitation
  • Invitations sent before our last update became invalidated
  • Next module was missing from the results page.
  • Manager could see invite and delete options, even if account holder had forbidden it

Known issues not resolved

  • Build report does not work on Internet Explorer
  • Total modules available in FDP doesn't display the correct number if the driver doesn't have access to any actual FDP modules.