This is a big release with over 1200 hours of work having gone into it. There are a large number of updates plus some fixes. 

Driver functions


Menus now have a few extra options and we've collated them under drop-downs (denoted by the triangles) to make it easier to find what you're looking for. Note that you might not see all the options, depending on what type of permissions you have.

Courses section

The big news is that the courses are easier to navigate to, and we have a new course (plus others coming). Click Courses in the main menu.

Viewing a course

Click on the View course button (shown above) and you'll be taken to the course page with a detailed description of everything that is in the course.

Taking a course

You can get to a course one of three ways:

  1. Click on Your courses in the top menu (see below)
  2. Click on Fleet driver plan or Learner licence>Learner licence plus in the main menu if you are doing one of those two courses
  3. Click on Courses in the main menu and then navigate to the course you want to take. Click on View course then scroll down to the modules.

If you already have access to the course then you can click the Start now button at the top, or simply scroll down to the modules at the bottom of the page. 

It will tell you what date you were enrolled in, and on the right-hand panel (shown below), you can see how much longer you have access to the course.

You can return to this page at any time to see your module progress (as previously), or you can take modules from the Modules completed page in Your skills

If you are a driver and you want access to the course, you can click to request access from your manager.

Purchasing or assigning a course to a user

Click on Buy now to buy course licences. If you already have spare course licences you can invite your drivers. Click on Assign to a user.

Your courses

Click on Your courses in the top menu.


  • Course name, e.g. Fleet driver plan: click on this to go to the course
  • Course validation statement: if you have finished the course and it has been validated you can download the validation statement here. If you need someone to validate it you'll need to get a manager
  • Results (CSV): download your results for an Excel file. Note tha this replaces the previous 'Download' function that was in Your skills.
  • Certificate: generate a certificate proving you have completed the course (only available once you have reached 100% complete.


  • Course: the courses available to you
  • % complete: your current score in the course
  • Access expires: how long you have access to the course
  • Status: whether it's incomplete or complete

Administrator and manager functions

Manage Menu

These will vary depending on your access level. If you are a driver that's been invited by a manager, you won't see any of the following. If you purchased a single account, or you were invited as a manager, you will see some of these.

Manage drivers and courses

Courses that you purchase will be listed in Drivers and courses which you can access from the Manage menu option. 


  • Buy more licences: instantly purchase a number of licences for this course
  • Invite drivers: invite drivers via email to the course
  • Manage drivers: See a list of drivers you have already invited and edit their groups or delete them. See below for further functions
  • Resend: manage invitations to drivers (i.e. resend, delete)


  • Drivers enrolled: drivers that have accepted their invitation. Click Manage drivers to see them
  • Drivers not enrolled: drivers that haven't accepted their invitation. Click Resend to see them
  • Spare licences: the number of extra drivers you can invite.

Manage drivers

When you click on Manage drivers (shown above) you will see a page with the status of each driver related to that course. 


  • Edit: Edits the driver's groups
  • Delete: Deletes the driver from this course. Note that you can't invite them back
  • Course validation statement: Not valid for all courses. If a course requires an external or internal assessment by an assessor you will see this
  • Validate/Revalidate: Create the initial course validation statement, or recreate it (see below, How does course validation work)
  • Results (CSV): Downloads the driver's results for that course
  • Certificate: Generates a certificate for that course
  • File: Downloads any file that was uploaded when the course was validated

How does course validation work?

Some courses may require an external assessment which could be a practical assessment, an additional theory test or validation that a person meets other specific requirements such as age or level of English. 

Simply fill out the form below then click the green button to generate a PDF confirming that the person has completed the requirements.

Once the course validation is complete you can recreate it by clicking Revalidate if any details change, or you can download it by clicking Course validation statement.


Your groups allows you to define groups of drivers. Groups apply to all courses. You can assign a driver to one or more groups which can then be managed by managers. See Groups explanation.

Modules available

Modules available only applies to the Fleet Driver Plan, not courses. If you have any custom modules available they will appear here, too.


This is now available from the Manage menu. There's no change to the previous functionality.

Analyse menu

Previously, Reports and Analytics were two separate menu options. They're now under the Analyse menu option.


On-screen reports are now separated by course. On the Reports page choose the course you would like to build the report for, then click Build report. You can restrict the output by groups or a partial email address, too.

Find out how to view a driver's details here.

Find out how to download a report as a CSV (Excel file) here.

Bug fixes

  • Next module on the reports page was showing modules hidden to drivers in the group or groups they were in.
  • Improved processing time for bulk uploading drivers
  • Some of the statistics in Analytics weren't correct
  • Improved the look of some of the page layouts (missing bullet point styles and erratic gaps)
  • The menu options in the resources section now match the main courses section for administrators and managers
  • You can now choose 'All groups' anywhere you can select groups (e.g. Analytics, Reports) rather than having to click all groups separately.