New features

  • Bulk edit drivers - simply select the checkboxes next to the drivers you want to alter, then click Edit
  • Vastly improved reports - export detailed results by month for all drivers or individual drivers as CSV files for importing into other software
  • When a driver or manager looks at the incorrect questions in a test result, it used to show just the email and now shows the name (if available) and email or username
  • Emails from DT Driver Training now address the driver by name (if they've entered their name)
  • Reduced the amount of unnecessary information in the footer when logged in as a driver or manager on a desktop or large tablet (= slightly quicker loading time)
  • Resending driver invitations now uses your company name


  • Average number of modules completed didn't match the completion graph
  • Entering 0 into the purchase box displayed NaN
  • Button misalignment on the mobile payment page
  • Incorrect order in the leaderboards related to percentage of modules completed
  • Fixed: if a Manager received an invitation, entered their password and then clicked Enter, it didn't recognise the password
  • Improved page speed in the resources section by more than 10%
  • A person tries to log in with Facebook but didn't allow access to their account email address used to fail
  • Manager invitation wouldn't work if user used keyboard Enter instead of clicking the button
  • Some technical security improvements