New features

  • The first time a driver logs in they get a better instruction screen
  • Manage drivers now shows the driver's name 
  • Managers can now invite and remove drivers if the account owner agrees
  • Australian road rules are available - ask us
  • Sections are now hidden if not available to a driver
  • Sign in/log in screen has had some slight modifications


  • If you reuse the invitation we sent in the email, it used to crash
  • On-track completion graph was only showing 1 week, now shows 4 weeks
  • Wrong number of modules completed shown in Reports page
  • Reports page slowness fixed
  • Drivers using the Learner Driver Plus account can now share their results with any other user (i.e. a Manager)
  • Trying to purchase drivers using a Google account to log in didn't work
  • Minor fixes to the certificates
  • Video display size fixed in questions
  • Improvements in text formatting